Pleasant Lake Dam

In 2017 the towns of Casco and Otisfield jointly replaced the “mill pond” dam co-owned by the towns west of Route 121 just north of Casco village. The old dam was in disrepair, had numerous leaks, and relied on manual placement of spillway boards to maintain the water levels in Pleasant Lake and Parker Pond. Peter Barber, then-President of the Pleasant Lake/Parker Pond Association, spearheaded the replacement initiative, which received swift and strong cooperation and financial support from both towns. 

This engineered dam replaced the old wood and stone structure that was part of the Hancock Lumber mill. The dam’s mechanical gate effectively maintains more consistent water levels, without concern for overtopping. The ongoing lake management committee, of which the Lake Association is a member, meets during the year to review practices and make necessary improvements.

New Dam Under Construction January 2017