Fish Lead-Free Tackle Exchange

WHEN: Sunday, August 7 from 8-10AM
WHERE: Pleasant Lake Public Boat Launch in Casco (18 Mayberry Hill Road, Casco, ME 04015)

We need your help to “Get the Lead Out!” Fish Lead-Free Tackle Exchange this SUNDAY. Turn in your lead fishing tackle in exchange for lead-free tackle this Sunday, August 7 from 8-10AM at the Pleasant Lake Boat Launch in Casco. Check your tackle box for lead and drop it off for safe disposal AND take home some new lead-free gear … FREE! No membership required, all are welcome to participate!

“Fish Lead-Free” is a partnership between Maine Audubon, Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife, Maine BASS Nation, Maine Lakes Society, and the Sportsman Alliance of Maine.

Did you know that lead is one of the leading causes of death for adult Common Loons in Maine? To protect loons and other wildlife, Maine state law bans the use and sale of lead sinkers and bare (unpainted) lead-headed jigs that weigh one ounce or less, or that measure 2.5 inches or less.

Lead poisoning from lead fishing tackle was found to be responsible for close to one-third of the documented adult loon mortality over a 25-year span. For every two loons that died in Maine from natural causes like illness or disease, one loon died from ingesting a small lead sinker or jig-head. Adult loons catch fish with lead sinkers and jigs attached or they pick up lead objects while eating gravel they need from lake bottoms.

Make the switch to lead-free tackle to protect the wildlife for future generations!

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